Siberian Electric Company 2012

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our 3rd year bringing somewhat clean nuclear energy and a whole lot of vodka to the playa. The camp is an extension of the Velvet Soulmine a institution that lasted at least 10 years on the playa.
Had a great time last year and no one got really very contaminated, much.

the reactor
come get decontaminated

the Siberian Electric Company. our 3rd year with this concept. We are bringing power to the people in 2012. What city is complete with out a power plant.And why not a soviet era nuclear reactor. We call the bar Siberia stop by and get "contamitated" with us. Get "exposed" to the Glowing Green Goo and if you get "hot" and set off the Gieger counters well we just might have to "decontaminate" you with a cool water mist. Such a fun plan that we just had to do it again.

 Wednesday evening a block party for the 3:00 street come meet the neighbors.

 Thursday is Cabaret Night.  

 Then the 2nd Annual Siberian Vodka party Friday night, a ten+ year playa tradition we just can't say no to.

the bar back

front view 2010 with our greeter

Element 11 Grantsville Utah 2005-2011
August 30th-September 6th Black Rock Cith, Nevada 2010-2012

This crew and structure also built and worked the Velvet Soulmine for 10+ years in BRC. We work hard, we play hard, and we try to get a nap from sunrise to 10am and maybe a little nap around 4pm.

SEC camp plans 2012, 100'x100'
3:00 and D if you please 100'x100'

Clean up plan 

pre event
1 there is a continual effort to reduce, reuse and recycle. Packaging is left in the cities, cans separated and recycle. burnables are separated and burnt. 
2 Costume and Camp all moop free. 
3 Glass bottles are discouraged but face it we run a bar. Glass bottle are backed in cardboard boxes for the ride in and out.

event measures.
2. Daily moop sweeps.
3 Six garbage cans, two cans, two burnables, and two for garbage. We accept garbage at the bar and encourage the use of reusable cups.
4 Encourage clean camping everything put away at all times. Be storm ready people.
5 Constant moop gathering during the event. leave no trace or glowstick.

Strike and Exodus
1 Camp is built and torn down in zones each zone is picked spotless after each piece is struck and then a  final grid walk by the last crew.
2 Trash is secured for the drive and taken to reno.

Grey Water
Grey water is collected in a multi zone evap pond. Kitchen water is filtered before it is added. The remaining water is pump back into water containers and discarded in the city.

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the wildigus

Come Camping with us

Sunset in a earlier version
our vodka is, as allways, bad and russian

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